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Why proper mastering is needed. Read it now!

Delays on Eclipse!

Update on the new CD release for Eclipse!

Delays due to a printing error! New discs printed and coming soon! Thanks for waiting, it’ll be worth it!

eclipse 300x297 Delays on Eclipse!

New Article posted!

newpost small New Article posted!

Read it now:

Top 6 questions to ask yourself when hiring a producer (part 1)

New album “Eclipse” coming soon

The new compilation album “Eclipse” will be available within the next month. It contains 2 tracks which Josh Wolfer wrote, engineered, produced, and mixed. One of the songs “We are Unbreakable” was co-written with the original piano playin’, rappin man CWiggz!.

It will be available in CD, MP3, and FLAC formats, look for it soon!


eclipse 300x297 New album Eclipse coming soon

New website up!

This. Is. Big Dumb Monkey!

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Welcome to the new site.